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What are the advantages of metal tactile domes? 

Best Sun metal domes are low-profile and provide a distinctive tactile feel, which makes them ideal for a wide variety of applications.  provides standard sizes ranging from 4mm to over 16mm, and is the industry leader in providing quick-turn custom domes. Best Sun domes feature the widest variety of trip forces available, including high force and high mechanical cycle options. 

What are metal tactile domes used in? 

Metal domes are used in many different applications, including: • medical instrumentation
• fitness wearables
• smart home products 

• pushbutton control panels
• military applications, weapons, laser sites, optics
• aviation
• automotive and marine controls
• IoT, AR/VR products
• computer peripherals and appliance controls
• anywhere a low-profile switch with tactile feedback is desired 


We offers samples of standard part numbers to assist in choosing the ideal dome for each application. We provides the widest variety of dome styles in the industry - each with a different tactile feel and actuation force. Contact Best Sun directly or visit our webstie to request samples, or for help choosing an appropriate dome for your project.